Steeltec is  the latest addition to the Bucket Shop Group of companies.  It incorporates shop structural fabrication, custom fabrications, tanks, chutes, hoppers liner packages, field Millwrights, Field Welders with fully tooled Welding Rigs.

Our team of  field foremen bring a combined  60 years  worth of hands on experience. As a customer it means solutions to all your maintenance, structural and downtime concerns.

  • Steeltec offers a fully trained and dedicated field division equipped for all on site requirements.
  • Our full time staff includes a full line of welders, industrial mechanics, riggers, laborers, millwrights, pipefitters and on site Health and Safety Personnel.
  • Our staff is fully trained in W.H.I.M.I.S,  T.D.G., First Aid and CPR and all other onsite requirements, just to name a few.
  • We have 14 fully equipped welding rigs that  have on board air for remote arc air and air tool operation.  Several rigs are equipped with hydraulic hoists while all units contain portable wire feeders and power sources.
  • The field team has extensive experience in the mining industry ranging from underground and surface  crushers, ore bins, liner change outs, piping jobs, platform and  hand railing, monorail fabrication and installation etc.  Concrete work and pump base constructions as well as a variety of mechanical skills are also available.
  • Equipment failure due to worn out bores can be costly in a number of ways, equipment down time, lost productivity and the cost of the repairs themselves.  Steeltec has 3 complete portable align  bore units (complete buildup and material removal capabilities)available which can come directly to your job site to complete the repairs in a timely manner to save you money and get your equipment up and running again.  From buckets, loader arms and pivot points to excavator sticks, no job is too big or too small.
  • Our Tilt and Load 5 ton can also bring your align boring jobs to our facility cutting down on travel and the vast variance of conditions we experience in the field.
  • We are regularly involved in the Sawmill, OSB Plant and Mining shutdowns.  Our crew has worked extensive experience in the mining and forestry sectors.
  • We have also done extensive assembly and  repairs to CAT 773, 777, 785, 789, 795,  haulage truck boxes, P&H 2300 shovels, Hitachi 800, 1200,2500,and  CAT 6060 shovels for open pit mining.
  • Steeltec has a fully equipped Pipe Fabrication and Grooving Shop dedicated specifically to industrial piping requirements.  Our shop can  groove and work with piping up to and including 2″ to 24″.  Galvanizing is also available.  Our pipe division offers cost effective, cost cutting pipe wear solutions for all your high wear areas.
  • We offer a full line of specialty pipe products that offer high wear solutions to your operation.
  • Our field division is completely backed by our shop facilities and capabilities.  All crew members  are available for out of town work as well as remote area camp work as required.
  • All field personnel are equipped with 2 way radios and satellite communication to enable crews to be in contact with both the customer and home base.